alex mackenzie : mediaworks

antidote, 2005

led installation, 2005
Exploiting the theory behind the camera obscura, antidote replaces the exterior scene with an actual directed light source - a miniature LED - whose shape and filament placement determines the abstract form which appears on the surface - in this case a piece of vellum upon which the light is rear-projected. Patterns of multiple pinholes render forms reminiscent of molecular models, biological life, or sunlight fiiltered through leaves. The installation consists of multiple picture frames hanging several feet out from the wall with the led lights behind and separated from the frames by perforatted 2mm black plastic. The lightness of the frames, plastic and lights allow for the viewer's entry and movement past and around the works to distrub the air in the room and create subtle movement and size shifts in the shapes projected. Initially created for the Red Square in December of 2005, a larger version was mounted at the Rake Gallery in Portland, Oregon in 2006.