alex mackenzie : mediaworks

happiness, 2010 (photo: peter eastwood)

16mm analytic projection/dance collaboration, 2010
Created as a part of the Brief Encounters series wherein 12 artists are paired up and commissioned to create 6 works with only two weeks in which to complete them, culminating in a three-night performance. Happiness is a collaboration between Alex Mackenzie and Barbara Bourget (Kokoro Dance), and consists of a ten minute Butoh piece choreographed and performed by Bourget with rayogrammed, scratched and inked handmade and processed film images projected directly onto her white-chalked form. The film elements were presented live with an analytic 16mm projector allowing speed alterations, as well as the manipulation of an anamorphic lens and a lazy susan beneath the projector, which permits the stretching and following of the frame on the dancer's form.
"Absolutely beautiful, haunting, moving and stunning" - The Tomorrow Collective