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i am watched/horizontal fix, 1998

i am watched/horizontal fix
2 X Super 8 cartridge projectors
expanded cinema, 15 minutes, 1998

Using found footage and originally shot hand processed super-8, i am watched/horizontal fix was the first suite of films I made for performance using the Technicolor cartridge projectors. At this time I only owned two of these units, and the pieces primarily explore the potential of masking using sliding card on plexiglass that spans the width of both projectors to synchronize wipes, pans and other effects. Voyeurism, guilt and cycling behavioural patterns are at core. The films combine iconography of the silent cinema with contemporary urban imagery and pornography, all reloaded onto cracked-open cartridges (a tricky thing, loading those carts!). Much of the material for the second half was filmed out of a car window at night in Vancouver – my first night roll of Super 8.

“Mesmerizing” (Heather Frise),
“Better than Schmelzdahin” (J. Porter)
“Brilliant” (Mike Hoolboom).