alex mackenzie

apparitions (2016)

Alex MacKenzie is a Vancouver-based media artist working primarily with 16mm analog film equipment and hand processed imagery. He creates works of expanded cinema, light projection installation, and projector performance. His work has screened at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the EXiS Experimental Film Festival in Seoul, Lightcone in Paris, Kino Arsenal in Berlin and many other festivals and art spaces worldwide. Alex was the founder and curator of the Edison Electric Gallery of Moving Images, the Blinding Light!! Cinema and the Vancouver Underground Film Festival. He was an artist in residence at Atelier MTK in Grenobles France, the Struts Gallery/Faucet Media in New Brunswick, Cineworks' Analog Film Annex in Vancouver and Daimon in Gatineau. Alex co-edited Damp: Contemporary Vancouver Media Art (Anvil Press 2008), and interviewed David Rimmer for Loop, Print, Fade + Flicker: David Rimmer's Moving Images (Anvil Press 2009). Commissions include Portal, (Situated Cinema WNDX Winnipeg 2012), Auroratone: Digitalis (FilmPop Montreal 2012), The Film That Buys The Cinema (Cube Bristol 2013) and Hyborian Witch (Wrong Wave/Kensington Gore 2013). Alex is a founding member of the Iris Film Collective in Vancouver.

totem screens with end of the world at l'etna in paris may 18 2016
from falaise screens with one take super 8 at grand luxe hall western front vancouver june 2 2016
fascia and shudder screen as a part of the handmade emulsion symposium, worm.filmwerkplaats rotterdam june 26 2016
shudder and effulgence screen as a part of the bain argentique conference, nantes france july 4-11 2016
effulgence screens as a part of the cascadia arts and music fest, granite falls washington july 21-24 2016
effulgence screens at local sightings film festival, nw film centre seattle sept 22-oct 1 2016
apparitions screens at anti-matter film festival, victoria bc oct 27-29 2016

apparitions eastern us/canada tour
apparitions premieres at red room baltimore hosted by sight unseen april 8 2016
expanded cinema workshop at psychic reading baltimore hosted by sight unseen april 9 2016
apparitions performed at rhizome washington dc april 10 2016
expanded cinema workshop at rhizome washington dc april 11 2016
apparitions performed at big mama's cinematheque philadelphia april 13 2016
expanded cinema workshop at big mama's cinematheque philadelphia april 14 2016
expanded cinema workshop at negativland nyx april 16 2016
apparitions performed at microscope gallery nyc april 17 2016
artist talk at syracuse university dept of transmedia april 19 2016
apparitions performed at harvard carpenter centre boston hosted by balagan april 21 2016
expanded cinema workshop at agx film collective boston april 23 2016
apparitions performed at nightingale cinema chicago april 27 2016
apparitions performed at 121 studios hosted by lomaa london april 29 2016
expanded cinema workshop at 121 studios hosted by lomaa london april 30 2016
apparitions performed at the gladstone hotel hosted by early monthly film segments toronto may 2 2016
handmade emulsion workshop at lift in toronto may 3/4 2016
apparitions performed at cinematheque quebecois montreal cohosted by double negative and visions may 7 2016
handmade emulsion workshop at daimon in gatineau cohosted by windows collective may 8 2016
apparitions performed at daimon gatineau cohosted by windows collective may 8 2016
expanded cinema workshop at double negative studios montreal cohosted by visions may 10 2016
recent works by iris film collective with alex mackenzie in person at microcinema etre hosted by visions may 11 2016


shudder and are we still going to the movies? presented at flux gallery victoria feb 5 2016
convolution gallery installation of three 16mm works flux gallery victoria feb 5-20 2016
panel discussion with eric gaucher, peter sandwark, nina belmonte and michelle jacques medianet victoria feb 6 2016
totem screens with labor berlin's diffraktion #6 silent green kulturquartier berlin feb 6 2016
ruin, highway 41 at deluge contemporary art sept 11-dec 19 2015
effulgence screening at anti-matter film festival victoria oct 30 2015
effulgence screening at l'alternativa barcelona nov 19 2015
totem and this charming couple screening with iris film collective 2015 usa tour:
excinema seattle oct 6
northwest film centre portland oct 12
exploded view microcinema tucson oct 15
basement films albuquerque oct 18
the front new orleans nov 14
school of art arizona state university nov 17
black hole oakland nov 19

auroratone: digitalis screens in new frontiers in psychiatric cinema goethe institue hanoi vietnam dec 15 2015

luma interview iris film collective summer 2015
discorder interview iris film collective july/aug 2015
interview with ali lopez, post everything cfuv victoria (oct 10 2012)
interview by kirk finken in guerrila (july 2012)
lycanthropy, essay for strange codes: the life and films of arthur lipsett
monument, essay for empty quarter: notes and pictures
toward an ecology of film (claudio cacciotti)
living, breathing images (marie-hélène lemaire)
contingencies and continuities: the wooden lightbox
and new media history (zoë constantinides)
listening to the lightbox: recollecting a secret art (samuel thulin)

book reviews
review of loop, print, fade + flicker: david rimmer's moving images
(essay by mike hoolboom, interview by alex mackenzie) in senses of cinema
and in canadian literature
review of same in toro
review of damp: contemporary vancouver media art in broken pencil
(edited/designed by alex macKenzie and oliver hockenhull)


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